‘Batwoman’ Trailer Shows Ruby Rose’s Superhero Taking Flight

The first-look trailer for the CW’s “Batwoman” series dropped Thursday so we can all get to know the superhero a little better.

She’s defiant ― “So I have this thing about rules,” says the character, played by “Orange Is the New Black” alum Ruby Rose. She’s needed ― Batman has apparently left town and isn’t coming back. She kicks ass ― a fight scene or two show her apparent military background in action. And she’s in love ―  she joins a search for the woman in her life who’s gone missing.

The clip attempts to dispel any concern that the series, which is the first superhero live-action TV series to feature an LGBTQ title character, would skimp on the romance. 

And we learned that Rose’s Kate Kane/Batwoman isn’t about to play second fiddle to a certain dude who stood vigil before her (and is a relative). At the suggestion that she’s a “female Bruce Wayne,” Kate replies, “Awesome, hilarious, handsome.”

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