This member of the royal family was thought to be bisexual –

Most of us would think of the British royal family as the straightest bunch of people of all time. But according to a new documentary, we would be rather wrong – as it turns out, Prince George (no, not the little blonde one with the attitude) aka the Duke of Kent was thought to be bisexual.

An intriguing three-part series Private Lives of the Windsors, will explore Prince George’s sexuality – as it is rumoured he had relationships with men and women.

In an exclusive clip published on Advocate, the narrator says, “Prince George savoured every excitement that presented itself — men, women, he didn’t discriminate. He didn’t recognise any boundaries to his sexual exploration.”

Bisexual royal family member Prince George, Duke of Kent

Prince George, Duke of Kent, in what is believed to be circa 1935

Elliott & Fry

The documentary looks at what LGBTQ+ London nightlife was like in the 1920s, a time when it was a criminal offence for men to have same-sex relationships.

“He was sailing very, very close to the wind, because you have to remember that at that time, homosexuality was illegal,” royal biographer Christopher Warwick told Advocate.

“You could go to prison for it.”

Was Prince George the Duke of Kent bisexual?

Prince George (right) was rumoured to have had a threesome with the Argentine ambassador’s son

Universal History Archive

This Prince George was the younger brother of Queen Elizabeth’s dad (George VI), and fourth son of King George V. He died in 1942 when his plane crashed in Scotland during World War II.

It was also rumoured he lived a pretty outrageous (for the time) life, and was apparently spotted out in public in drag with a male partner. According to The Rake, “George allegedly engaged in a ménage à trois with Jorge Ferrara, the bisexual son of the Argentine ambassador to London.”

So maybe the royals aren’t as hetero as we thought…

Private Lives of the Windsors will air on the Smithsonian Channel next Monday (October 7).

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