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Hello my mom is visiting this week, which means my air conditioner is set to 70°F which in turn means that I am dressed for the tundra as I type these words to you, my dear friends.

Queer as in F*ck You

Queer Punk Author Michelle Tea on Being the Voice of Misfit America

From Fiction to Reality, Female Athlete Bonds Run Deep

Cricket Players Natalie Sciver and Katherine Brunt Are Getting MARRIED OK

Why Bisexual People Face Unique Dating Challenges

“Femininity Is Demanded Of Fat Women”

Transgender Actress and Comedienne Daphne Dorman Has Died

Get Your Copy of Queer Qrosswords 2 Today to Benefit an LGBTQ+ Charity

On Coming Out, Slow and Not Always Steady: 6 Stories

Saw This, Thought of You

Justice is in Reach When Indigenous Women Speak Our Truth

15 Powerful Native Leaders to Celebrate on Indigenous People’s Day

Why You Never See Your Friends Anymore

Upsetting! @EmoBlackThot Is Ready to Reintroduce Himself

Political Snacks

I Listened to the Supreme Court Argue About My Rights as a Trans Person. I Have Never Felt More Frustrated.

‘Even More Headaches’: Publishers Brace for Fallout From California’s ‘Gig Worker’ Law

Bernie Sanders And Elizabeth Warren Take Aim At Corporate Interests Gutting Journalism

Meet the Young Activists of Color Who Are Leading the Charge Against Climate Disaster

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