Conan Gray Shares ‘The Story’ of a Crush on Another Boy in New Song –

Rising pop star Conan Gray shares tales from his personal life in his raw new track, “The Story.”

The YouTuber turned pop’s best-kept-secret announced his upcoming debut album last night along with his excitement to tell his fans “all of my secrets.” In the new track, Gray opens up about his troubled childhood in the third person.

“It’s one of the ones that means more to me,” said Gray about the song, according to Genius. “I like to tell stories and this song is kind of a story about my life when it was before all of [my fame].”

In verse two, Gray sings:

“When I was younger/I knew a boy and a boy/Best friends with each other/But always wished they were more/‘Cause they loved one another/But never discovered ‘cause they were too afraid/Of what they’d say/Moved to different states.”

The heartbreaking moment wasn’t lost on fans, who note that Gray has previously spoken about a love interest that moved away but had never disclosed that person’s pronouns. “Dontcrydontcrydontcry,” wrote one fan in the YouTube comments.

Throughout his career, Gray glides around speculation surrounding his sexuality but does wink at his fans with his music and videos. In the playful punk-pop music video for “Checkmate,” Gray swears vengeance on what appears to be two love interests that dump him to date each other. Gray tries to hold hands of both the guy and the girl in a date scene, but it’s clear they both have eyes for someone else.  

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It’s unclear how Gray identifies. He’s previously rejected the gay label and made bisexual jokes on Twitter, but when asked upfront by fans or interviewers, he remains elusive. 

But as long as Gray is comfortable with himself, who says he needs a label? The freedom to date and sing about who you want is exactly what older generations of LGBTQ+ people fought for. With these younger generations, the need to label themselves is disappearing.

And that’s okay. At the end of the day, labels are the least of our worries. Gray keeps dropping banger after banger and we can’t wait for the word to catch on to the phenomenon. 

Conan Gray’s debut album Kid Krow is expected March 20. Stream “The Story” below!

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