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The iconic web series of Merry Happy Whatever made its place in people’s watchlist in just one season. It is a story of a family revolving around the break before and after the Christmas and the season 1 ended showing the family spending New Year’s Eve together.

The shoemakers plan to explore holiday in further season 2 with the Quinn family. Actor Denis Quaid from season 2 said that “When the AV club bought up the idea that the show could explore other holidays in future seasons, he immediately on board.”

What is the plot for season 2?

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The season 1 finale revealed that Kayla is a gay so in season 2 we might see her further dating life as a gay. Emmy and Matt ended up engaging in season 1 and planning about there engagement and settling in London where Emmy just got a new job so we might see the family going on a holiday before or after their marriage. Meanwhile, Sean opened a food truck, Pasty just got pregnant, and Nancy and Joe kissed for the first time, so there is a lot to go in the story for season 2.

When will season 2 premiere?

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The answer largely depends on when and where will the holiday is covered. If the holiday is to be covered in the summer season, then we might stick to the guess of season 2 releasing around Christmas. It could also return in summer 2020 if the filming immediately starts and covers a summer holiday of Quinn family.

Since the show plot is planned to have a holiday of Quinn family coming together, it might be possible that the filming starts with showing Thanksgiving Day or Emmy’s wedding day. Whatever it is season 1 has surely left a lot of space for weaving in new stories for further seasons.

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