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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City hasn’t even finished filming its first season and one of its stars is already making headlines.

On Brandi Redmond and Stephanie Hollman’s podcast, Weekly Dose of BS, the redheaded Housewife revealed that one of the women from RHOSLC was renting a house from one of her friends.

“I do know that one of those ladies is renting a house,” Brandi confessed. “I don’t know because I don’t know the cast but I do know that one of them is a renter because they’re renting some friends of mine’s home.”

“They just recently moved in and I know that my friend, they’re members with us at our country club and she was like, ‘Oh my gosh, they’re renting our home. They tried to get permission. Our HOA isn’t happy with it.’ But it’s a home on the golf course. So, you’ll probably know who it is when the cameras start rolling,” Brandi continued.

“Hopefully they’re not mad at me but they’re renters,” Brandi added.

While Brandi never confirmed who the Housewife was it was later revealed that she was referring to rumored RHOSLC star Jen Shah.

Jen clapped back on social media and shut down Brandi’s claims that she’s a “renter.”

“You want to come for me with your red hair and bull sh*t, come harder honey, you’re about to get a taste of SHAH SQUAD and I don’t f**k around. PERIODT,” she wrote.

Adding, “Dallas redhead…don’t be mad sis. Dye your f—ing hair and get a face life.”

via Real Housewives Franchise Instagram

However, the Salt Lake City Housewife didn’t stop there and continued fire back at Brandi.

Jen also admitted that her family does rent their ski chalet in Glenwilde but also owns “four other homes and an apt in NYC.”

via Housewives of SLC Instagram
via Housewives of SLC Instagram

Meanwhile, the Real Housewives of SLC Instagram page shed a lot more light on the drama.

While Jen is clearly pissed off at Brandi is seems she should really be upset with co-star Heather Gay, who tried to expose Jen months prior. The Instagram page claims that “Heather Gay and her minions” came to them months ago with the information about Jen’s rental.

“We heard this rumor over two months ago when filming first started. Initially, it seemed like Heather Gay and her minions were just trying to spread a petty rumor about a fellow housewife and wanted US to post about it… the rumor being this housewife had quickly rented a home before filming for #RHOSL began due to her HOA not wanting to be associated with the show,” the outlet explained.

“Heather’s “friends” implied this housewife was renting a nicer home than the one she owns in order to boost her image on the show. When we did some digging about the accusation, it was totally denied and people close to the situation basically painted Heather out to be a liar and a moron,” the report continued.

Adding, “Lots of people rent ski homes in Utah for THE SKI SEASON while they renovate or lease out the homes they own. It’s now been revealed on @bsthepodcast Heather was in fact NOT LYING about the rental home, but more importantly: the bigger issue is not that someone rents a home, but that Heather and her friends were trying to make this woman look bad for doing so….EVEN CRAZIER- we now know it’s not who we first thought (one of Heather’s enemies)… but it’s one of her closest friends in the cast she’s been spreading this rumor about!”

WOW. Talk about some crazy-ass drama!

The Real Housewives of SLC is expected to premiere on Bravo in mid-to-late 2020.

Thoughts on all this drama? Are you excited for RHOSLC?

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